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1988 Born in Palo Alto, California

Residing in Cardedeu, Barcelona.

Most important projects so far:

„I try to do each piece better than the one before. Best project is always going to be my next one. I hope that what I do speaks for itself. My work is my CV. I’ve been in a few fancy places but I don’t think that makes my art better.“


3 lines about your art:

„I’m never happy with the result, so that always makes me try again. 

Spain has a huge history of great painters, I’ve been influenced my many of the old masters.

I don’t think many artists in history had the chance to do big walls with such freedom, not showing sketch to anyone, and without any team of people behind. I actually don’t show sketch because most of the times I don’t have a defined idea of what’s going to happen. I like that challenge, there are many chances that it all can go wrong… and of course, sometimes it does.“

Which project will you have finished before you come to Munich?

Where are you heading to after SCALE?


Before Munich, I will paint in Saarbrücken, It’s always nice to go to northern countries when Spain starts to get hot. After Munich I should be locked inside the studio for a few weeks.


What is your current main topic in your work? Do you have an actual

"artistic concern" or theme?


At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with repeating objects and changing the scales of objects. I don’t know if I’ll work on that specific topic in the wall in Munich. I have a few artistic concerns but as my english is terrible I can' t really explain it properly without looking stupid. There is always a duality between my indoor and outdoor work. It’s difficult for me to keep a sane balance...

What are you looking forward to regarding SCALE?


I’m looking forward to see some old friends, hanging with them and of course meeting new ones.



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