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Mirko Reisser  (DAIM)

Born 1971

in Lüneburg, Germany.

Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


Mirko Reisser (DAIM) devotes his typographic Œuvre to processes of construction and deconstruction that lead up to highly complex, spacious works. While the artist pushes personal and visual boundaries in his writing to a new level, it’s exactly those references that are also revealed to the beholder. Under the name DAIM he is particularly known for his large-size, 3D-style graffiti works. This has become known as his trademark. In 1989 Mirko Reisser sprayed his first works, in 1996 he started the fine arts programme at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland.  During his artistic career Mirko Reisser has already travelled to vast parts oft he world and took part in a multitude of museum and gallery exhibitions.  He also realized a lot of art projects, several of them as an initiator and co-organizer. 


"DAIM’s programme comprises the construction, as well as deconstruction of a word (at some point, in between the processes of annealing and erasure, it emerges out of a synaesthetic sphere) and reveals that it came into being out of nothingness and is always on the verge of disappearing into it again. DAIM-graffitis can be seen as fixed images of a word-formation that is constantly threatening to reassemble, denying access, escaping the demands of tangibility and, thereby, remain free and sovereign.“

Arne Rautenberg


"Shaping the character of letters and at the same time, discovering one’s own" is his dictum.

Which project will you have finished before you come to Munich?

Where are you heading to after SCALE?

My schedule is already quite full for this year and I am excited about all the new projects coming up: Before SCALE in Munich I am going to to realize an on-site work for the exhibition „Cross the Street“ at the MACRO Museum for contemporary art in Rome.

Afterwards I will work on an exhibition at the Städtische Galerie Bremen with my colleague Markus Genesius and also fly to the US for a bigger project there.

What is the current main topic in your work? Do you have an actual

"artistic concern" or theme?

Reduction is initially the last word that one would attribute to my works. But relating to the choice of my motive this expression is definitely appropriate. In my works I depict my writer’s name–DAIM.

However my work is mostly about the construction and deconstruction of typography. It’s about catching this moment between erasure and remaining, it’s about constructing letters, compose form but simultaneously questioning it. And then the works of course have a very personal sphere.... In 1991 I wrote DAIM for the first time. After all those

years I still see this lettering as a self-portrait. By concentrating on a certain idea, the technique or a style, by working on a certain piece for a long time frame, by totally engaging in this process, you get to know a lot about yourself and your personality. And this of course can be seen again in the works, that I create. It’s this constant evolvement of your work and your character that even after over 25 years still fascinates me. The content is very clearly linked to the form. These are my letters. This is my name. This is my work. I perceive it as a kind of self-portrait–my entire personality has impact on the works.

What are you looking forward to regarding this project?


It of course is something special, that all artists will work simultaneously on the SCALE project! Because of that I am very much looking forward to seeing old friends again after a long time and also to make new friends during the process. While we all will be there at the same time, I also appreciate that every artist is still given his own wall to realize his own artistic vision. Something that becomes especially exciting with the very unique architecture that the buildings have and that is incorporated into the works.



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