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Born 1968 in Celle, living in Munich.


“My schoolmate ’s older sister of got back from a one years visit as an e

xchange student from New York City. She brought the first information on Hip Hop and Graffiti to me, so from these times on my life was filled with "style". It took me just one summer to bomb all available walls in that small town. So the decision of mother to move to Munich opened a much wider

playground to me...”



“The excitement of painting my first train went along with the opportunity to paint legally at the "Dachauer Flohmarkt", a huge flea-market ground with long buildings and containers.”



Seventeen pages of prosecution led to a very long trial.

First visit in New York as a scholarship


First graffiti world tour (duration: 1 year) to Australia, New Zealand,

USA and Canada.



The world’s then tallest graffiti mural in Bergedorf with DAIM and others.

Invitations from all over the world: London, Sete (France),Sao Paulo, Vienna, Geneva and Pisa, New York, Cape Town, Miami, Antwerp...

numerous tours and projects with Os Gemeos in Germany, Brasil, Greece.

Painting walls for Hubert von Goisern (concert stage), for the world soccer championship in France, for the German Pavillion at the world expo in Shanghai, for the German embassy in Dehli...

First German Graffiti Artist to paint in Russia.

Exhibition at the MOCA, LA / USA

Loomits philosophy:

“Working in public is the ideal media for my creative ego. Since we all will turn to dust, I’ll do so, knowing that a lot of minds will have passed my walls.”

Which project will you have finished before you come to Munich?

Where are you heading to after SCALE?

That will be an underpass in Neuried, just outside of Munich, I’ll be working on before. After Scale it will be Spital in Austria for the frontside of a market hall.

What is the current main topic in your work? Do you have an actual

"artistic concern" or theme?

Technical it’s the mix of rollers and transparent spray paint while my themes keep changing a lot the subject.

One may not find many projects like SCALE that give so many artistst from all over the globe the possibility to paint simultaneously together in one place and in one week. What are you looking forward to regarding this project?

Exactly this !



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