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Born in 1988 in Lodz, Poland.

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.

Painter and Muralist who currently lives and works in Gdynia, Poland.

Half of ETAM Cru, created together with Bezt.

His illustrative and tenderly detailed works mostly show human characters and could be described as surreal poetry in colours.

Which project will you have finished before you come to Munich?

Where are you heading to after SCALE?

Im just working in my studio on canvases, and before Munich, beginning of June I should make mural in Orebro

What is your current main topic in your work? Do you have an actual

"artistic concern" or theme?


There are lot of them, mostly Im trying to work more on color aspect and light, but in the same time Im working on lot of drawings to explore more forms and textures, so its reallyhard to say : )

What are you looking forward to regarding SCALE?

Painting, meeting great painters and having fun.



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